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For the next 5 years, we will be working within 3 villages, in the Northern region of Ghana Africa, implementing the World Health Organization (WHO), water, sanitation, and hygiene program (WaSH), along with health and wellness, as well as education and economic issue. By 2020 we hope to build a women resource center, giving women access to personal hygiene products and information, the center will also provide business, financial and sustainable development training.


Our Director of Operations Abass Cesar met with Chief Naa Somo where they discussed the business, financial and sustainable development situation of the communities in the Northern Region of Ghana, the Chief is concerned about economic growth and poverty reduction, During his visit, our Director toured the area to also assess the water and sanitation conditions


In November 2018, our Director of Operations donated items to the Madina Zongo Community Health Centre. Items included birth spread, pads and panty liners for the women who come for antenatal care and the newborn mothers who come to weigh and do health check-up for their babies.