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My name is Elizabeth A. Camara, A 21-year-old, from Gambia, West Africa. I am An American Corner Intern and I advocate for Climate Change, Peace, and Humanity.

I am passionate about Change. 

6 months ago I joined an online Study class on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Which was organized by The Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation in partnership with Bright Light Projects. This #LearnTeachSDGs initiative’s mission was to reach out to many people as possible and educate them on the benefits of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and The Importance of implementing and supporting these goals. The classes were focused on teaching people from around the world about Sustainable Development Goals. Why and when they were established, how they can be achieved before 2030, Who established them, and how the future of the Human race depends on these Goals?

That was my First time learning about The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how they tally with my advocacy and my passion for change. The classes when on for a whole month then we were given a quiz which I passed and received a certificate, Now I am an SDG Ambassador at Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation.

More to the Above, After learning about The SDG and becoming An SDG Ambassador. I decided to start implementing and sharing everything I have learned.

I organized a Two(2)days Workshop teaching and raising awareness of the SDGs. I collaborated with UNDP Banjul, expects on the areas of SDG goals, Rise & Shine Media, American Corner Interns & Volunteers, and The American Embassy Banjul funded the event, to rising awareness of SDG in the Gambia with 40 participants, 

They were all given Certificates for participating and We are about to start our Action plans. We realized that all the goals were interrelated so we put them into 3 main components which are; Social Development, Economic Development, and Environmental Development.

Special Thanks to the Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation and Bright Light Projects for such an impactful initiative.

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